MSNBC’s Joy Reid: RNC Speeches Imply ‘Brown People are Dangerous’ (VIDEO)


Leave it to MSNBC to twist all the speeches on Day One of the Republican National Convention to accuse Republicans of being racist. According to Reid and her unearned sense of moral authority, the only speech not to have racist undertones was given by Melania Trump. But, of course, that’s only because she copied it from Michelle Obama. Reid is another blowhard, race-baiter on MSNBC that continues to find every opportunity to divide the country along racial lines.

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MSNBC’s AM Joy host Joy Reid bemoaned in Tuesday’s early hours at the Republican National Convention (RNC) that Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech was unfortunately “the first of the night that didn’t have this subtext…that brown people are dangerous” to the point that Reid felt uncomfortable being around the RNC that she found to be so “not inclusive.”

Reid was joined by three other MSNBC/NBC News correspondents when she diverted the focus away from the topic at hand of plagiarism to fretting how “Melania Trump’s speech was the first of the night that didn’t have this substex — subtext that Avik Roy put on his social media which was that brown people are dangerous which was the kinda substex — subtext of the rest of the night.”

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Taking a page from how the major broadcast networks spun the RNC’s first night, Reid complained that “[t]here was a lot of really angry rhetoric, a lot of talk about murder and death and tying it all back to immigrants, tying it all back an illegal migration and there was a really hard-edged theme.”

The MSNBC personality took particular issue with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giulani as he “screamed his entire speech” before suggesting it was repulsive that “[w]e had the audience made to clear the police officers in the Freddy Gray case.”

Returning to the race card, Reid put out in the open how uncomfortable and “weird” she felt being amongst the “hostile” attendees based on what speakers were saying and delegates believed:

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“There were these surreal moments that felt very base oriented, but also not expansionist, not open, not inclusive, and sort of hostile. If you’re a person of color, this is a weird place to be. Then, Melania Trump comes out and gives this warm, effusive speech about inclusiveness and about how Donald Trump wants to be inclusive and then it turns out it’s from the person they most vilify in the world, the Obamas. It’s pretty remarkable.”

How ridiculous. Did she even listen to what was being said? I guess speakers like Sheriff David Clarke and Senate Candidate Darryl Glenn (R-CO) don’t count. What about Marcus Luttrell and the men who survived Benghazi, John Tiegan and Mark Geist? Guess what, Ms. Reid feels “weird” not because of any racist undertones but because there were American patriots on stage speaking the cold, hard truth. Because of liberal, race-baiters, the environment in the U.S. is harsh and war is always harsh. It will take real leaders to see us through tough times and secure our Nation from its enemies. Perhaps Ms. Reid should rewind the tape and take a second look at what truth, patriotism and leadership really looks like.

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