MSNBC’s Mika Has Meltdown Over Accusations Against Biden: “We’re Not Snowflakes, Are We?” (VIDEO)

Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC’s Morning Joe is not handling the allegations against Joe Biden very well. She can’t understand why Biden’s behavior is suddenly an issue.

Townhall reports:

Mika Brzezinski Defends Biden, Wonders Why Women Didn’t Complain at the Time: ‘We’re Not Snowflakes’

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski defended former Vice President Joe Biden Thursday as he continues to face scrutiny for his overly familiar touching of women after multiple women came forward to say he had made them uncomfortable.

“In this climate, I feel like a lot of men have nowhere to go when something like this happens and what seems unfair about this is again this is not—we’re not talking about sex,” she said while talking with former Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill. “We’re not talking about harassment. None of these women have said it felt sexual, they said it was a little weird.”

She brought up challenges Biden has faced in his life including losing his wife and child in a car accident and his son to brain cancer.

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“If you can go on national television and talk about Joe Biden putting his hands on your back and now you’re demanding an apology from him because what he said on Twitter is not enough,” she argued, “you probably could’ve told him in real time, and he probably would’ve said ‘I’m sorry, I was trying to be nice.’ It probably could’ve been finished right there.”

“C’mon, we’re not snowflakes,” she emphasized. “We have to decide what we get upset about.”

Watch the video:

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The amazing thing about the mess around Joe Biden is that he hasn’t even announced that he’s running yet.

Time reports:

Joe Biden Is Facing a Political Crisis — And He’s Not Even Running (Yet)

Joe Biden has been gearing up for a potential White House campaign since last year, scouting office locations around Philadelphia, enlisting donors and recruiting staff in Iowa and New Hampshire.

In mid-March, the former Vice President let slip to a group of union members that he might need their support “in a few weeks.” Former Senate colleagues who have traded phone calls with Biden said they were convinced he was ready to run.

But in recent weeks, Biden has seemed plagued by second thoughts, blowing past yet another self-imposed decision deadline. His pause has raised familiar worries. In 2016, Biden was close enough to running for President to tap a campaign manager, and a longtime aide wrote a 2,500-word announcement speech. Was he getting cold feet again?

Biden insiders say no. He is likely to mount a third campaign for the presidency soon, two advisers involved in rollout discussions tell TIME.

Is he really going to enter the race as damaged goods?


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