Multiple Conservatives Now Calling On Joe Biden And His Generals To Resign Over Afghanistan Disaster

Joe Biden’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the terror attack this week, have been inexcusable.

We have already seen a few Republicans in Congress call on Biden to resign over this, but now conservative pundits are weighing in too.

People are disgusted by what they have seen from Biden, and who can blame them?

Kurt Schlicter writes at Townhall:


Rip those stars off your pathetic nostalgia costumes and resign. Quit. Tell that crusty Pinocchio in the White House and the faculty lounge Geppettos tugging his strings that you will have no more to do with his human centipede of failure in Kabul.

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It’s not hard – your stars are right there, generals, right on the shoulders of those new uniforms you decided to adopt with the express purpose of evoking World War II and the memory of victory over a modern, peer-competitor military. Maybe, you thought, wearing winner’s gear would ease the pain of getting creamed by a bunch of Seventh Century throwbacks…


Salvage some dignity. Though, if I had a say, the whole lot of you would be court martialed for your negligence. You’d happily nuke from orbit a specialist who dropped his NVGs on a patrol, but you just lost another war and you’re probably headed to a board seat at Raytheon. The British Royal Navy used to shoot admirals for failure to encourage the others. I note that when this innovative personnel incentive program was in effect, Britannia ruled the waves.

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Speaker and author Ben Shapiro has a similar message. From the Daily Wire:

‘Disgrace To His Office’: Ben Shapiro Calls For Biden’s Impeachment, Resignation

Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro called for President Joe Biden’s impeachment Thursday after a suicide bombing in Kabul cost the lives of 13 U.S. servicemen and hundreds of Afghans.

“Impeach,” Shapiro tweeted as news reports of casualty numbers continued to update and the death toll climbed. President Joe Biden initiated a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan earlier this year, and the country fell to the Taliban on August 15 after militants took over the capital city of Kabul…

Shapiro again went after Biden during his show on Friday, calling the president a “disgrace” and saying that Biden would resign if he “had any honor at all.”

Rep. Vicky Hartzler writes at the Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden must resign

In March 1968, President Lyndon Johnson announced to a shocked nation that he would not seek reelection. The nation was reeling from Vietnam, a tumultuous year of protests, and an overwhelming feeling of discontent that reached down into the heart and soul of America. A veteran of the U.S. Senate and a foreign policy expert in his own right, LBJ sensed he had lost the country and did the honorable thing by opting not to run again.

One cannot help but see the comparisons when we look at President Joe Biden and his first eight months in office. His handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal is the latest in a series of major setbacks that have resulted in a destitute America…

Biden has become the portrait of this chaos, and his standing in America, and the world, is forever diminished. It is time he realize this and acknowledge that America’s recovery, both domestically and across the globe, begins with his resignation as president. It is the right thing to do.

Are people at the White House listening?


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