MUST WATCH: Breibart Writer Educates The View About Trump (VIDEO)

Breitbart News senior editor Joel Pollak recently appeared on The View and pushed back against the liberal narrative about Trump. He addressed allegations of Anti-Semitism, racism and other issues.

Joy Behar and other hosts kept trying to catch Pollak in gotcha style questions – but he calmly held his own.

Here are some details from Truth Revolt:

Breitbart Editor Schools Haters at ‘The View’

Breitbart’s Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak entered the belly of the beast on a segment of daytime TV’s favorite Trump-hating program The View today, and shot down every outrageous accusation about President Trump, Breitbart, and Steve Bannon from the show’s hateful co-host Joy Behar.

As reported by Mediaite, Behar was determined to smear all of the above as racist, anti-Semitic, bigoted, white supremacist liars, and Pollak deftly responded to every point, much to Behar’s frustration. Behar had no choice ultimately but to dismiss everything Pollak said with a “whatever” and ended the segment with the nonsense that Trump’s media criticism is “a slippery slope to fascism.”

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The audience, composed entirely of leftist women, whooped and hollered every time Behar spewed her trademark hate. Kudos to Pollak for staying cool, calm, and rational — all of which sends the rabid Behar over the edge.

Watch the video below:

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Joy and the other liberal hosts will continue to sneer and judge no matter what Trump does.

Pollak deserves credit for going on the show and educating them a little bit.

Did they learn?

Probably not!


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