Nancy Pelosi Admits It: Trump-Russia Conspiracy Is All Speculation (VIDEO)

Democrats are still pushing their conspiracy theories about Trump and Russia but Nancy Pelosi was recently forced to admit that they’ve got nothing.

During an appearance on the Today Show she was actually pressed to back up her claims and she was forced to admit it’s nothing but speculation.

Transcript via News Busters:

Co-host Savannah gently tried to point out that Pelosi’s recent anti-Trump ranting was not fact-based: “Something you say a lot, and have said a lot, is that you think that the Russians have something on President Trump. You say, ‘What do they have on him?’ Do you actually have information to back up that question or are you just speculating without evidence?”

This was Pelosi’s response:

No, I just wonder what the Russians have politically, personally, or financially on President Trump. Because this is about a national security issue. Why would the President of the United States just come in and start to flirt with the idea of lifting sanctions on Russia in terms of their behavior in Eastern Europe? Why would the President of the United States question the START treaty? Why would the President of the United States put Putin on a pedestal and diminish the greatness of America in that? There’s something wrong with this picture.

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Here’s the video:

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They’ve got nothing.

As we and others have pointed out repeatedly, this is nothing more than a campaign to de-legitimize Trump.


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