Nancy Pelosi Goes From Pushing Russia Hoax To Demanding Trump’s Tax Returns (VIDEO)

Now that the Russia narrative has been exposed as a hoax, Nancy Pelosi has wasted no time moving on to the next line of attack against Trump. Demanding he release his taxes.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Pelosi: No ‘walking away’ from getting Trump tax returns, Mueller report

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered a warning to President Trump on Thursday that Democrats will not give up on their quest to obtain his tax returns or the entire report into Russian collusion authored by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“Show us the Mueller report, show us the tax returns, and we are not walking away just because you say no the first time around,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said.

Democrats on Wednesday sent a formal request to the IRS to obtain six years of Trump’s tax returns. The president told reporters later he was not “inclined” to release them, citing an audit.

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A decades-old law provides Congress with oversight over the tax returns of the president and vice president.

“The law is very clear,” Pelosi said, citing a 1924 law that compels the Treasury secretary to turn over the tax returns if requested by Congress.

The Congress also has an obligation to oversee the IRS on its own scrutiny of the president, Pelosi said. “The IRS manual requires an audit of the president and Congress has the duty to ensure that it has been done and done properly,” she said.

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See the video below:

Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues may be disappointed in the end.

Politico reports:

Why Congress Might Not Get Trump’s Tax Returns

The House Ways and Means Committee has now asked the Treasury Department for the president’s tax returns, which it has a legal right to do. And, according to the law, the Treasury Department “shall” comply.

This seems pretty definitive. Shall means shall. Like, no wiggle room.

But there are overlays of constitutional law and political power that could, and I think likely will, thwart Congress’ effort to get Trump’s tax returns.

First, the law. While it is true that IRS Code 6103(f) appears to give the committee the power to get tax returns, the statute must be exercised in a way consistent with Congress’ constitutional authority. The Supreme Court has said Congress has broad authority to conduct inquiries but that its authority is not unlimited. In the 1881 case Kilbourn v. Thompson, the Supreme Court held that Congress can’t use its powers to delve into someone’s private financial matters unless there is a proper legislative purpose.

Democrats will never stop. Even if Trump released his taxes and there was nothing there, they would just move on to something new.


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