Nancy Pelosi Holds Fundraiser With Dozens Of Donors And Only The Wait Staff Is Wearing Masks (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi held a fundraiser in her district this weekend that was a sit-down dinner.

The amazing thing is that the only people wearing masks were the wait staff.

This is just further proof that Nancy Pelosi is a massive hypocrite.

From the New York Post:

Pelosi & Co’s hypocrisy unmasked and on full display

The masks were off — literally and figuratively.

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Video shows House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the queen of mask-pushing, addressing a weekend crowd of maskless Democratic donors, herself also unmasked.

Yes, the event was outside. But the bigwigs sat close together for the hours-long luncheon in COVID-riddled Napa Valley, and the CDC does urge masking in “crowded outdoor settings” in such high-transmission areas.

The truth is they shouldn’t need to mask, since Pelosi — and, we’d wager, most everyone there — is vaccinated.

But Pelosi doesn’t argue common sense when it comes to everyone else. Her public mask obsession is such that Elle magazine wrote up a “cute” piece about where she buys hers and how she matches them to her pantsuits as a political fashion statement. Just last month, she called Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy “such a moron” for opposing her reimposition of mask mandates in the House.

Here’s the video:

Just amazing. Even Pelosi herself wasn’t wearing a mask.

Do as I say, not as I do.

It’s the Democrat way of life.


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