Nancy Pelosi: If There Is Collateral Damage For People Who Don’t Share Our View SO BE IT (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi was recently at an event with the far left economist Paul Krugman and said something rather revealing about her party. Democrats apparently don’t care if they hurt some people with their wrong-headed economic plans.

Townhall reports:

Pelosi: Yeah, Our Economic Agenda Might Screw Over Some People…So Be It

Well, maybe we can give some points for honesty, though it’s still a pretty crappy thing to say. Who are we kidding? These are Democrats we’re talking about. With the 2018 midterms less than 20 days away, Democrats are feeling good about their chances to retake the House. The Senate is cooked for them. The field is simply too unfavorable. Yet, if they’re successful in retaking the lower chamber, we could see the return of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The thought makes me want to commit ritual suicide, but here we are. With House Democrats in charge, expect insanity.

I mean, we’ve seen it hardcore this year, but jack it up to eleven, with endless subpoenas, investigations, and the grand resurgence of the red scare. Yes, Russian collusion nonsense will reach an ever greater fever pitch than it is now. As for the economy, well, high taxes and regulations are going to try and make a comeback. The economy is booming right now. Just watch what happens when you put a Democrat in charge, especially since this party is undergoing a far left facelift. For those who disagree with this route and might get screwed over with this lurch to the Left approach to the economy, Rep. Pelosi was frank: “so be it”…

Watch the video:

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They sure seem like nice people don’t they?


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