Nancy Pelosi Open To ‘Review’ Of Statues Of Jefferson And Washington

Leftist fanatics are running around the country, tearing down statues that represent American history.

It’s disgusting and disturbing to average Americans.

Yet Nancy Pelosi recently said she is open to doing a ‘review’ of statues in DC, even Washington and Jefferson, although she doesn’t recommend taking those down. How nice of her.

The Daily Mail reports:

Nancy Pelosi says there should be a ‘review’ of statues of Washington and Jefferson but says their ownership of slaves shouldn’t ‘undermine what they did for the country’ – while Confederate monuments should go

Nancy Pelosi claimed Thursday that there should be a ‘review’ of all historical statues but asserted that while those who fought for the Confederacy should be torn down she feels those who only owned slaves should be left up.

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‘I would say, rather than tearing down and defacing, why don’t we just have a review,’ the House Speaker told The Washington Post’s Robert Costa during a more than half-hour live-streamed interview Thursday afternoon.

The question of what to do with historical statues and memorials comes as protesters deface, destroy and attempt to tear them down on their own using ropes and chains.

Pelosi said the ‘review’ would be a way for the government to decide which statues should be removed – including potentially rejecting the removal of historical figures that owned slaves but did not fight for the Confederacy.

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‘That doesn’t mean just because Thomas Jefferson or George Washington or others were slaves owners that we should undermine what they did for our country,’ Pelosi claimed. ‘These Confederates – Jefferson Davis, Alexander Stephens – they committed treason against the United States in the name of slavery. I think that’s a different story.’

Who appointed Nancy Pelosi the head of the ministry of history?

Republicans need to stand up for America and our shared history.


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