Nancy Pelosi Says She’s Praying for ‘Divine Intervention’ To Stop Kavanaugh Confirmation (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi is now apparently hoping that God will help her and Democrats prevent Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. Is she just making a mockery of religion?

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Pelosi: I’m Praying for ‘Divine Intervention’ to Stop Kavanaugh

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said Friday she is praying for “divine intervention” to stop Brett Kavanaugh from reaching the Supreme Court.

Pelosi spent much of her press briefing addressing the controversy surrounding the explosive Senate Judiciary Commitee hearing where Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused him of sexual assault, testified on Thursday.

Asked by a reporter what she thought Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D., N.Y.) should do about Kavanaugh if Democrats won the House and he took over the Judiciary Committee, Pelosi said she hoped the point would be moot.

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“I’m hoping that Judge Kavanaugh will not be a justice on the Supreme Court,” she said. “Let’s just take it one day at a time.”

“I’m ever hopeful of an intervention, prayerful of a divine intervention,” she added, when asked if Nadler should hold hearings on the matter.

Watch the video:

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This may be all the Democrats have left. When the FBI finishes up this week, Kavanaugh is likely to be confirmed.


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