Nancy Pelosi: Voting For Democrats Gives ‘Leverage’ To Illegal Immigrants (VIDEO)

If you want to know what Democrats are planning to do, just listen to Nancy Pelosi. She isn’t shy about pointing out how much they care about illegal immigrants. After all, those are they’re future voters.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Pelosi: Voting for Democrats Gives Illegal Immigrants ‘Leverage’

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) claimed on Wednesday that a vote for the Democratic Party in the coming midterm elections would provide “leverage” to illegal immigrants in the immigration debate.

She made those comments during a press conference held in El Paso, Texas, with immigrant-rights advocates and Veronica Escobar, the Democratic nominee in Texas’ 16th congressional district. The minority leader officially journeyed to the region in order to gauge the impact of policies instituted by the Trump administration to mitigate unlawful border crossings…

“We believe that we can get this done,” she added. “We are not going to be able to get it done under the Republican leadership in Congress.”

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Pelosi further elaborated that allies of immigration reform would receive a much warmer reception if Democrats seized the majorities in Congress.

“We believe that we will have leverage when we win in November,” Pelosi said. “And why is that important? Because it gives leverage to every family, to every mom who courageously brought her child across the desert to escape, to escape death, rape, gang violence, and the rest.”

Watch the video:

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Get your family and all of your friends out to vote this fall and keep the Democrats out of power.


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