NBC News San Francisco Reports: NRA And Trump More Popular Than Nancy Pelosi (VIDEO)

Oof! Nancy Pelosi just got a dressing down from NBC News in her own city. They recently reported that even though lots of liberals like Pelosi, the NRA and President Trump are more popular than she is. Wow!

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

NBC San Francisco: Trump Is ‘Far More Liked Than Nancy Pelosi’

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Scott McGrew, an anchor and reporter for NBC’s San Francisco affiliate, on Wednesday said President Donald Trump is “far more liked” by Americans than House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.).

McGrew reported on Pelosi’s announcement Tuesday about her plans to run for House Speaker if the Democrats regain the majority in the House of Representatives after the midterm elections this fall.

“This may not be good news for Democrats. Republicans use Pelosi as a cudgel in their ads to convince people not to vote for Democrats, and they’re not wrong [to do so],” McGrew said. “We might like Nancy Pelosi in the Bay Area, but America doesn’t.”

He then cited a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll to list organizations and people who are more popular than Pelosi.

“Things that are more popular than Nancy Pelosi … include the NRA, current Speaker Paul Ryan [R., Wis.], even Donald Trump. Among all Americans, Donald Trump is far more liked than Nancy Pelosi,” McGrew said

Watch the video:.

That’s got to sting her!

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