Never-Trump Crank David Frum: We Got President Trump As Punishment For Not Being Good Citizens (VIDEO)

David Frum is just awful. He recently appeared on CNN and actually said we got Trump as a president as a form of punishment for not being good citizens. Millions of Americans disagree, David.

News Busters reported:

David Frum: Trump Is Our ‘Punishment’ for Terrible Citizens Not Liking the News

CNN host Brian Stelter originally asked Frum to comment on President Trump’s criticism of CNN while at the press conference at the G7 summit in Canada. Of course, Frum suggested Trump’s words somehow gave cover to dictators to abuse the press. He then shifted gears and started trashing Americans who were “fatigued” of the news.

“If your child is feverishly ill, it can be very fatiguing to sit by her bedside and take care of her but it’s what you do because that’s your duty and, I think, your responsibility and it’s also a source of satisfaction to you,” he scolded the public. “If your country is ill, you have the same responsibility.”

According to Frum, “we got Donald Trump in the first place as a punishment for not being good enough citizens.” That’s right, Trump wasn’t elected because he spoke to Americans who felt forgotten and disenfranchised, it was because of those irresponsible Americans who didn’t want to listen to the liberal media. What a great message to the voters as we head into the midterms.

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Watch the video:

What is wrong with him?


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