Never-Trump Figure Evan McMullin Reportedly Being Funded By Anti-American Persian Billionaire

Evan McMullin was the 2016 candidate put forth by conservative never-Trumpers like Bill Kristol. Even after losing badly, McMullin has continued to play a small role in politics, usually to bash Trump. But it turns out he’s got some shady funding behind him.

Frontpage Mag reports:


How dishonestly messed up is our public life?

Evan McMullin, the “Republican” pretending to be a patriotic opponent of Trump, is being funded by the same Persian billionaire who’s backing The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald and the Iran Firsters.

McMullin’s recently founded non-profit organization, Stand Up Republic, jumped into the Alabama Senate race this week with a $500,000 ad buy against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. One of the ads features a man saying Roy Moore “makes Republicans and us Christians look bad.”

The massive ad buy “may end up being one of the largest third-party interventions in the state,” according to the Washington Post.

One of McMullin’s large Silicon Valley donors is billionaire eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, who funded an anti-Trump super PAC during the presidential campaign.

Omidyar announced a $250,000 donation to Stand Up Republic in May through his organization, Democracy Fund. (Democracy Fund publicizes all its grants in the interest of transparency.)

The guy is a joke. No one takes him seriously. This news just makes it worse for him.


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