New Candidate For DNC Chair Says Donald Trump Was ‘ALLEGEDLY’ Elected President (VIDEO)

Jehmu Greene is a Hillary Clinton supporter who is also a FOX News contributor. She is apparently now running to be chair of the Democratic National Committee.

She appeared on FOX and Friends this weekend and when asked about Congressman John Lewis’ outrageous remark about Trump not being legitimate, she actually used the word “allegedly” to describe Trump’s win.

Here’s a transcript via Real Clear Politics:

HOST: What do you make of these remarks from John Lewis? Obviously he is a Civil Rights icon, but now is claiming that Donald Trump is not legitimate. What say you?

JEHMU GREENE: He’s truth telling. I don’t think this is about just Democrats. This is Americans. Anyone with a smidgen of common sense can remember Donald Trump looking into the camera encouraging Russia to hack into our electoral process, cheerleading them on. And the idea that whatever information these members of Congress are getting out of this classified briefing had them storm out of that room makes it very clear that the decisions that the FBI made that were unprecedented to get involved in the election against HIllary Clinton, pick a winner, pick a loser when they had so much information that was so damaging. What have we been talking about since this man was allegedly elected?

Watch the video:

And this woman wants to run the Democratic Party?

Are Democrats really this determined to keep losing elections?

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