New Delusional Theory From CNN: Putin Put Jill Stein Forward To Hurt Hillary (VIDEO)

This is so dumb. Bear in mind as you watch the clip below that the CNN host is Michael Smerconish. He’s supposedly one of the “conservative” hosts on CNN.

Why must people in the media make fools of themselves every single day?

Mediaite reports:

CNN’s Smerconish to Jill Stein: Did Putin Elevate You to Hurt Hillary?

CNN’s Michael Smerconish spoke with 2016 Green party candidate Jill Stein this morning about Russian interference in the election and whether she was personally used by Vladimir Putin.

One of the chyrons that ran during the segment asked “Was Jill Stein a Pawn in Putin’s Plot to Elect Trump?”

Smerconish brought up how Stein was at an RT event in late 2015 sitting at the same table as Putin and Michael Flynn, so he asked her if she thinks Putin giving her that platform was “a form of meddling” in the election.

Stein talked about the need to make voting systems more secure, but Smerconish brought the conversation back to the 2015 dinner and the “prominence” it gave her.

She said her appearance wasn’t exactly a “public relations bump” and told Smerconish she was talking about a “peace offensive in the Middle East”––a message that “was not particularly friendly to the Russians.”

Watch the video below:

When does all this absurdity end?

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