New Documentary Film ‘Hoaxed’ Aims To Expose Hypocrisy Of Liberal Media (VIDEO)

The independent journalist and writer Mike Cernovich has a new documentary coming out which targets the fake news media for their hypocrisy. The media has always been biased but it has gone to a whole new level in the age of Trump.

The Washington Examiner has details:

Mike Cernovich’s ‘Hoaxed’ rips liberal media hypocrisy

Outlaw journalist Mike Cernovich is about to debut his long-awaited movie about “fake news,” a visual broadside on the hypocrisy seen often in liberal media and the clearest explanation yet of his tactics popular on conservative social media channels.

In “Hoaxed,” a quick-paced two-hour documentary, he says, “All media is narratives and we are in a war of narratives.”

It stars many of the Right’s favorites who have been attacked and mocked by the Left, including Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, InfoWars’ Alex Jones, and Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe.

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The crowd-funded “Hoaxed” sticks it to big media like “60 Minutes” and others for playing favorites with Democrats. For example, Cernovich shows video of media figures questioning the health and mind of President Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, but ignoring the signs of ill health, even fainting, by Hillary Clinton.

On “60 Minutes” he challenged reporter Scott Pelley for ignoring Clinton’s health issues, and the reporter appeared perplexed. “They’re not used to somebody coming after them,” said Cernovich.

Watch the trailer below:

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This examination of the media is way past due. People need to see the truth.


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