NEW LOW: CNN Article Compares Illegal Immigrants Avoiding ICE to Jews Fleeing The Holocaust

Every time we think CNN can’t possibly go any lower, they surprise us. In a recent article, they actually compared illegal immigrants hiding from ICE to Jews fleeing the holocaust. It’s a sickening comparison which is completely unfair. It’s an insult to survivors of the Holocaust and their families as well.

Take a look at this:

Inside a safe house, hiding from ICE

The apartment’s beige walls are bare except for a cross in the dining room and one near the bedroom. No pictures of the inhabitants are anywhere. The simple furniture is sparse and relatively new.

The mother and her two daughters who live here could disappear in minutes if needed.
They’re on the run from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This apartment, empty of the family collections and clutter of a normal home, is their refuge. It is a safe house, though the unusual grouping that brought it together — a Catholic Latino family, a Jewish woman and a Baptist minister — know they could actually be raising their risk of getting in trouble with the government.

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Sitting on a dining chair in the apartment, seemingly serene, is the woman who made this happen. She wears a gold Star of David pendant and earrings inscribed in Hebrew. One reads, “I am nothing but ashes.” The other says, “The whole world was made for me.”

Democrats are reportedly planning to make the banning of ICE part of their 2020 campaign platform.

CNN apparently got the memo and is doing their best to demonize the agency.


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