New Poll Finds Even Majority Of Democrats Say Inflation Problem Is Joe Biden’s Fault

How bad are things for Joe Biden? So bad that even Democrats are admitting that inflation is his fault.

A new poll has found that a majority of Democrats blame Joe Biden’s policies for the problem.

The media is turning on him, and now it looks like his party is too.

The Federalist reports:

Poll: Majority Of Democrats Say Runaway Inflation Is Biden’s Fault

More than half of U.S. Democrats believe that President Joe Biden’s policies caused the nation’s record-high inflation.

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A new poll from Issues & Insights and TIPP found that approximately 53 percent of blue voters blame Biden, his administration, and his agenda for May’s 8.6 percent year-over-year increase in essential goods and services costs that are plaguing Americans.

As a matter of fact, according to I&I, every race, age, income, and education group except for self-proclaimed “liberals” overwhelmingly “felt Biden’s policies caused the current inflation mess.”

In general, 64 percent of American adults said they think Biden shoulders the responsibility for skyrocketing prices. Of that 64 percent, most (38 percent) said Biden is “very responsible” and 26 percent said the Democrat is “somewhat responsible.”

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Only 8 percent of those surveyed said they believed Biden was “not at all responsible” for the country’s economic woes.

Despite Americans’ widespread belief that the nation’s money problems were caused by Biden, the White House refuses to take responsibility for them. Biden insists that Russia’s Vladimir Putin is to blame for record-high gas prices and rising costs in the U.S. but Americans aren’t buying it.

Inflation just keeps getting worse and Biden seems helpless to stop it.

Biden is a disaster as president.


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