New Poll Finds Majority Of Americans Want Democrats To Move On From Russia And Get To Other Matters

You would think after two-plus years of the Russia investigation, which came up with nothing, Democrats would know that most of the American people have had enough.

Somehow, they still don’t seem to get it. Maybe this new poll will convince them.

The Hill reports:

Poll: Majority say Dems should move on from Russia investigations

A majority of Americans believe that congressional Democrats should drop their investigations into Russian election meddling in 2016 and move onto other matters, according to a CBS News poll released Wednesday.

About 53 percent of Americans say Congress should stop its Russia investigations, while 44 percent say the probes should continue. Similarly, 58 percent of Americans say they’ve heard enough about special counsel Robert Mueller’s conclusions, while 37 percent want to hear more.

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Among those surveyed, Democrats are leading the charge for Congress to continue its inquiries, with 73 percent saying they want the investigations to continue, an uptick from 66 percent in March. About 44 percent of Independents say the same, up from 35 percent two months ago.

The poll comes as the White House and House Democrats are in a legal battle over a slew of oversight investigations, with the administration fighting several subpoenas for testimony and documents.

Democrats think they just need to shift their focus slightly. They are wrong.

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Politico reports:

‘We’re getting back on track’: Dems ready Mueller strategy shift

Democrats admit it: They need to shift their post-Mueller strategy.

They’ve been so busy fighting technical battles over access to special counsel Robert Mueller’s report that they’ve barely had time to speak directly to Americans about its damning public findings of President Donald Trump’s conduct.

Trump and Attorney General William Barr, they say, drew them into process-focused skirmishes — battles over redactions, access to evidence and even a multi-day fight over the format of a hearing with Barr which the attorney general later refused to attend.

Lost in it all was the vivid evidence Mueller uncovered about Trump’s efforts to thwart the investigation of his campaign’s links to Russia. Now, Democrats say, it’s time to start telling that story, too.

It’s clear that they still do not get it.

The American people want Congress to get things done.


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