New Poll Finds Most Americans Want Smaller Government – Think Washington Is Doing Too Much

A new poll from Gallup has found that a majority of Americans think the government is too big and trying to do too much.

The government’s reach has grown so vast in recent decades that many people have forgotten that America was founded to have limited government.

People are now starting to remember that.

FOX News reports:

Majority of Americans now want a reduced government, in switch from last year: poll

A majority of Americans say that the government is doing too many things as it tries to mend the nation’s problems and they favor a more hands-off approach, according to a new national poll.

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Fifty-two percent of those questioned in a Gallup poll released on Thursday said that the government’s doing too many things that should be dealt with by businesses and individuals, with 43% saying the government needs to do more to address the country’s problems. That’s a switch from a year ago, when 54% said the government should do more and 41% disagreed.

The responses came as part of Gallup’s annual Governance survey, which this year was conducted Sept. 1-17.

“The shift toward favoring a more active government role in 2020 was seen among Democrats and independents but not Republicans — likely a response to the coronavirus pandemic and in particular to then-President Donald Trump’s approach to handling it,” the release from Gallup stated. “Trump generally opposed government efforts designed to slow the spread of the virus, such as face mask requirements and business and school closures.”

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Do you know who made the difference in this poll? Independent voters. That is a bad sign for Democrats but great news for the country.

Democrats think the government should handle every aspect of our lives.

They’re so wrong.


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