New Poll Finds Strong Majority Of Republicans See Trump As Model For Future Of The Party

Republicans see Trump as the model for the future of their party, according to a new poll.

It’s easy to see why. Not only did he beat the Clinton machine in 2016, he expanded the party and increased the Republican vote in many minority communities.

Many people also believe he had a historic win in 2020, which was only negated through massive voter fraud on the part of Democrats.

Breitbart News reports:

Rasmussen: 72% of Republicans See Trump as Model for Party’s Future

Three of four GOP supporters want their legislators to “be more like President [Donald] Trump” in 2021, according to a Rasmussen survey of likely voters.

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The poll of 1,000 likely voters was taken December 21-22, as GOP legislators debate how to counter or cooperate with President-elect Joe Biden and how to regain the House majority in the 2022 midterm elections.

The poll asked: “As the Republican Party reorganizes itself next year, should it be more like President Trump or more like the average GOP member of Congress?”

Republicans picked the “more like President Trump” option by 72 percent to 24 percent, while conservatives split 67 percent to 28 percent.

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But the overall poll of 1,000 likely voters gave “average member of Congress” 45 percent, above the 40 percent for Trump. The poll said 14 percent were “unsure.”

Republicans would be crazy to try to go back to the old way of doing things.

Trump’s pro-America approach and his unwillingness to bow to the liberal media is what won him loyalty from voters.

Republicans need to remember this going forward.


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