New Poll Finds Trump Outperforms Joe Biden On Jobs, The Economy And Crime

Look at any poll right now, and the top issues that concern voters are the economy, specifically inflation, and crime.

A new Harvard Harris poll shows that Donald Trump is more trusted to handle these issues than Joe Biden, which should come as no suprise.

Things were better under Trump, and everyone knows it.

Breitbart News reports:

Poll: Donald Trump Outperforms Joe Biden on Jobs, Economy, Crime

President Joe Biden’s job approval on a series of categories, including jobs and the economy, is significantly lower than former President Donald Trump’s ratings before leaving office, a recent Harvard Harris survey reveals.

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Biden’s overall approval rating remains low, hanging at 38 percent, according to the survey. That reflects a 24 percent drop from the 62 percent approval he saw in June 2021. It has been over a year since Biden has seen an approval rating above 50 percent in this particular survey.

The president fails to perform much better on individual issues. In fact, he does not have a positive approval on any issue, scoring highest on the Chinese coronavirus, but only garnering 48 percent support — less than a majority.

For instance, Biden now has a 36 percent approval on the economy. That is far worse than the 56 percent approval Trump saw in January 2021, prior to leaving office. This trend continues for the vast majority of issues.

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This poll also found that Trump would beat Joe Biden in a rematch.

See the numbers below:

There is a distinct possibility that the 2024 election could be a replay of the 2020 election, but with a different outcome.

Democrats and the media would lose their minds but it would be good for the country.


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