New Poll Finds Trump Within Reach Of Winning Minnesota

The media keeps repeating a narrative about Biden leading Trump in the polls.

Will they believe this one?

Trump came very close to winning Minnesota in 2016, and a new poll shows he is within reach of winning the state in 2020.

Hot Air reports:

Emerson: Trump, Biden In Virtual Tie In … Minnesota?

Say what? Just two months after the killing of George Floyd set cities aflame across the country, Donald Trump has pulled into a virtual tie with Joe Biden in Minnesota — or so one pollster reports. According to a new Emerson poll, Biden only leads 50/47, while only a tiny percentage of voters claim to remain undecided:

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From the Emerson poll:

A new Emerson College Poll finds Minnesota is competitive again in 2020, with 50% of voters planning on supporting former VP Joe Biden and 47% intending to vote for President Trump. While the race is close, only 3% of voters remain undecided. Of voters who plan to vote by mail, 91% plan to vote for Biden, and of those who plan to vote in person, 68% plan to vote for Trump.

President Trump’s approval rating amongst Minnesota voters is slightly underwater, with 46% approval, and 51% disapprove of his job performance, with 3% remaining neutral. Among independent voters, Trump’s approval is at 45% approval, and 47% disapproval.

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This would be a great win for Trump.

Democrats and the media will lose their minds if Trump wins Minnesota.


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