New Polling Shows The More Americans Know About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, The Less They Like Her

Since taking office, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been inescapable. She is constantly in the news, and when she’s not on TV saying crazy things she is doing it on Twitter.

This is not working to her advantage. According to new polling from Gallup, her approval is sinking fast.

Hot Air reports:

Gallup: Ocasio-Cortez’s Net Favorable Rating Declines Since September, Now 31/41

In September her overall favorability stood at 24/26. She’s declined since then among all age groups, both genders, independents — everyone except Dems and nonwhites. (Only +5 among the 18-34 cohort despite their left-wing sympathies and her “relatability”?) Among Democrats she’s at 56/15 favorability, among Republicans 5/73(!).

That’s why she’s net negative on balance: Simply, right-wingers and righty media have paid her more attention than the wider public has, and the wider public has paid her plenty. She’s already become one of the country’s most prominent left-wing villains thanks to her magical combination of insanely unaffordable socialist programs, tedious intersectional blather in defense of the likes of Ilhan Omar, and combative social-media dimbulb-ery.

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She’s a star to her allies and her enemies but more so to her enemies, probably for the basic reason that some centrist Dems view her ambivalently whereas there’s something Republicans of all stripes can find to dislike about her.

She is increasing her negatives fast.

From Gallup:

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Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Better Known, but Image Skews Negative

Two months into her new job on Capitol Hill, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become a much more recognizable figure to Americans. Half of U.S. adults were unfamiliar with or had no opinion of her in September after her seismic primary win over the summer, but that figure has shrunk to 29% today. But the increased visibility has not improved her overall standing with Americans.

Here are some specifics:

Her biggest problem at this point is that she doesn’t know how to quit while she’s ahead.

She just keeps talking and making the situation worse.


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