New Polls Indicate Democrats Are Paying A Heavy Price For Smear Campaign Against Judge Kavanaugh

Democrats have seen their lead on the generic ballot cut in half since they began the anti-Kavanaugh circus. Their treatment of him has only energized Republican voters and turned off many others.

Townhall has the details:

Poll Shows Democrats Might Be Paying A Price For Their Smear Campaign Against Kavanaugh

Democrats are trying to weaponize Me Too to win the 2018 midterms. If Democrats can delay this nomination until after the elections and run out the clock, they can block Kavanaugh with their newly cemented wins. That’s if they win. They’re hoping to use the “abortion will be outlawed” scare tactic. Is it working? Well, that depends, but their advantage in the generic voter ballot has been cut in half.

Our Hot Air colleague Ed Morrissey has more about whether we’re seeing the Kavanaugh effect. As Democrats continue to trash this man more and more without evidence, it seems people, outside CNN-land and the Acela Corridor, are appalled by this smear campaign. That will be compounded when the FBI will most likely find zero corroborative evidence to the three sexual misconduct allegations that have been lobbed at the judge; 60 percent want to see the judge confirmed, that includes 55 percent of women:

See the tweet below from Frank Luntz:

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The Kavanaugh fiasco may have been a blessing in disguise. It could end up costing the Democrats their chances in this fall’s midterms.


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