New Report Suggests Democrats Will Not Accept 2020 Election Loss

A group of Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans recently did a role playing exercise to test various outcomes for the election and what would follow.

They played out four different scenarios and almost all of them ended with leftists carrying out violent riots in the streets.

Byron York reports at the Washington Examiner:

Will Democrats accept election loss? New report says no.

Will Democrats accept the results of the election if Joe Biden loses? A new report suggests the answer could be no.

The report comes from a secretive group called the Transition Integrity Project. A bipartisan, anti-Trump organization, TIP was created last year by Georgetown law professor Rosa Brooks and historian and think tanker Nils Gilman, “out of concern that the Trump administration may seek to manipulate, ignore, undermine or disrupt the 2020 presidential election and transition process.”…

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They worked through four election scenarios…

In only one did a candidate win a clear victory and the opposing candidate refuse to accept the result. And the loser who refused to accept the result was Biden — not Trump. That is precisely the opposite of the Trump-won’t-accept-results speculation that has dominated the media in recent weeks. Even though Trump clearly won the presidency in that scenario, “the game play ended in a constitutional crisis, with threats of secession, and the potential for either a decline into authoritarianism or a radically revamped set of democratic rules that ensure the popular will prevails.”

Much more detail here.

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People don’t seem too surprised by this.

Aren’t you tired of hearing Trump won’t accept the 2020 outcome from people who still haven’t accepted the 2016 outcome?


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