New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Praises Trump Over Handling Of Coronavirus AGAIN (VIDEO)

Andrew Cuomo has just praised Trump for the second time in a week, over the president’s handling of the Coronavirus and his response to New York’s needs.

And he did this on the Rachel Maddow show!

Here’s a transcript via Cuomo’s office:

Rachel Maddow: Governor, just to be clear in terms of your partnership as you described it with President Trump, there’s obviously been friction there, there always is, even in normal political times between federal and state leaders in times like this.

Do you feel like you’re working constructively with the federal government now, with that kind of urgent planning process thatyou’re talking about right now for getting those things built in a matter of weeks. Do you feel like you and the federal government are growing in the same direction?

Governor Cuomo: I think it’s fair to say, Rachel, that my relationship with the President went beyond mere state and federal institutional frictions. We have had significant differences, there is no doubt about that. I have for many years and I have been very outspoken about it as has he. But I had a very good conversation with the President where I said, look, forget Democrat and Republican. We’re Americans and we’re talking life and death.

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We’re going to have a tragedy in this state. We have the highest number of cases in the United States. We are going to have a real tragedy where people die because they couldn’t get the right health care.And I need the help of the federal government – I need that partnership. I’m a former cabinet secretary in the Clinton administration. I was Secretary of Housing and Urban development. I did disasters all across the country. I know the potential of the federal government and we need it here.

And I said I I put out my hand in partnership. I want to work with you. I’ll be a good partner. I need your help. Let’s do what we were elected to do. Let’s fulfill our constitutional duty and the President said yes. I believe he’s sincere. More than just belief, he has acted on it, Rachel. I spoke to the Secretary of Defense today.

I got a call from the White House team late last night, early this morning. I have the Army Corps of Engineers coming in here tomorrow. So, I believe he is doing – He’s doing what he has to do and I respect him for it. I respect him for it.

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Watch the video below:

If only more people on the left could keep things in perspective right now.

We would be better off as a country.


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