New York Post Slams Bernie Sanders For Cost Of Proposals In Editorial: ‘Pay With Unicorn Dust’

Bernie Sanders wants the government to provide everything for free.

He has been very open about raising taxes to pay for his plans, but not specific enough about real numbers.

People are starting to realize that what he wants is just not realistic.

The New York Post editorial board just blasted him:

Bernie Sanders’ magic math: Double the government, pay with unicorn dust

Bernie Sanders on Monday night released a plan for “how we pay for every program that we have developed.” No one’s surprised that the numbers don’t remotely add up — or even pass the laugh test.

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The list only covers 10-year costs for seven of his headline items: $16 trillion for the Green New Deal; $4 trillion for free college, pre-K and day care; $2.5 trillion for affordable housing, and so on.

Independent estimates from progressive outfits like the Urban Institute put the price for Medicare for All at well over $30 trillion. Sanders insists it will cost half that because he’ll magically cut costs.

It adds up to easily doubling what the federal government spends now.

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And all his new taxes only bring in about half what he means to spend.

Assuming they work as intended: Of course he pretends they wouldn’t slow the economy in the least. (Hey, it worked in … well, nowhere, but Bernie doesn’t care.)

The simple truth is that nothing is free.

Bernie’s promises sound great to far left Democrat primary voters.

In the real world, not so much.


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