New York Times Article About Bob Menendez Corruption Trial Omitted The Word Democrat

An article about Democrat Senator Bob Menendez and his corruption trial initially omitted the word Democrat. This is a subtle but common form of media bias.

The Washington Examiner reported:

New York Times article on Bob Menendez corruption charges omits Democratic affiliation due to ‘oversight’

A New York Times reporter said it was an “oversight” on his part after critics on social media noted that his story about corruption charges facing Sen. Bob Menendez neglected to mention the lawmaker’s Democratic Party affiliation.

The story, headlined “Menendez Trial Set to Begin With Tensions High and Washington Watching,” published Monday night and initially did not include that Menendez is a Democrat.

“The New York Times wrote a 1,288 word article that never once informs the reader that the Senator facing a bribery trial is a Democrat,” one person on Twitter observed.

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Here’s he updated version of the NY Times article:

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Menendez Trial Set to Begin With Tensions High and Washington Watching

The senator paused in a corridor of the federal courthouse here last month to oblige a beckoning courtroom sketch artist.

The artist spun around her canvas and Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey looked briefly at her sketch of the courtroom, the sharp royal blues of his suit and broad charcoals of his outline a familiar form to the former lawyer, but his place in the painting a jarring shift: the defendant’s chair. His smile mixed with a grimace before he disappeared through the double wooden doors to the courtroom.

The moment underscored the unusual predicament facing Mr. Menendez, a senior senator: For the first time in 36 years, a sitting United States Senator is facing a federal bribery trial, one that comes as a bitterly divided Congress reconvenes amid the unrelenting turbulence of the Trump administration.

Since his indictment more than two years ago, Mr. Menendez, a Democrat, has steadfastly proclaimed his innocence, and last week he reiterated that.

Do you think the New York Times would have forgotten to mention it if Menendez was a Republican?

Not likely.


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