New York Times Does Story On Crisis In Venezuela – Doesn’t Blame Socialism

How could the New York Times do a story about the crisis in Venezuela and not place at least some of the blame on socialism? Simple. The people at the New York Times are leftists, many of whom support socialism and want it here, too.

News Busters reports:

Socialism? What Socialism? NYT Avoids Blaming S-Word for Venezuela Crisis

Friday’s New York Times covered the start of the second term of Venezuelan autocrat Nicholas Maduro, but managed to avoid unflattering descriptions like that, in “With Venezuela in Free Fall, Its President Starts New Term,” from Ana Vanessa Herrero and Megan Specia in Caracas. Yet other stories on Friday tossed around the word “autocrat” to complain about President Trump’s embrace of Egypt’s leadership.

Also as usual, the Times’ use of the S-word (socialism) was limited and perhaps even positive, even though socialist economics have ravaged oil-rich Venezuela and rendered it a starving basket case…

No socialism here:

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But by the 2018 election, Venezuela’s economy had plummeted to new lows as a result of mismanagement and corruption, and the country was in the midst of a crisis.

No socialism here either:

International sanctions and plummeting oil production have further weakened the already floundering economy.

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While the country’s opposition lost much power because of government persecution and the forced exile of some of its most prominent figures, last week’s election of Juan Guaidó as the new president of the opposition-controlled National Assembly has renewed calls to remove Mr. Maduro from power.

Our media is made up almost entirely of leftists. They give it away constantly by what they cover and what they leave out.


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