New York Times Gets Date Of September 11th Attacks Wrong, Issues Correction

In an obituary of comedian Dick Gregory, the New York Times made a big mistake.

Here’s a screenshot of the correction:

Ann Althouse noted: “Of all the dates to botch.”

How could they get the date of September 11, 2001 wrong? Unfortunately, it’s par for the course at “the paper of record.”

Here are some other recent corrections the New York Times has been forced to make.

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They identified “Anti-Nazis” as “Nazis”:

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They said malware was used in the Democratic National Committee hack that wasn’t:

And they were forced to walk back an embarrassing front page report on a climate change paper, according to the New York Post:

“The New York Times was forced on Wednesday to run an embarrassing correction to its front-page story on a US government report on global warming, which it initially claimed was an unpublished draft that had yet to be released.

Turns out, the draft report has been publicly available for seven months, meaning the Times ‘scoop’ was no scoop at all.

The Times’ front-page story said scientists were worried that the Climate Science Special Report — a multi-agency report that lays the blame for climate change on human activity — ‘would be suppressed’ by the Trump administration, as cabinet members have expressed skepticism that humans are causing global warming.”

If the New York Times is getting simple and important facts wrong, what else are they getting wrong?


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