New York Times Reporter: Democrats Now Worry Trump Could Be A Two Term President

Democrats are increasingly worried about Trump’s chances in 2020 and they should be. He is racking up wins on domestic and foreign policy faster than they can make up reasons to hate him. His prospects for re-election already look good and Democrats know it.

The NTK Network reports:

NYT’s Reporter: Democrats Worried Trump Could Be a Two-Term President

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson asked Baker what former Obama staffers are most worried about when it comes to Trump undoing former President Obama’s legacy.

“What they’re concerned about most is whether President Trump gets reelected,” Baker said.

The reporter then explained how former Obama staffers are debating whether it’s better for the country for Trump to reach a deal with North Korea or for the negotiations to fail.

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“Because you don’t want anything to happen that would give him an argument for a second term,” Baker said. “So, they are struggling with this idea that Donald Trump is not necessarily a one-term phenomenon. He could very well be president for eight years.”

On that topic, Townhall adds this:

If the economic news remains positive, if the small business and consumer confidence indicators maintain their record high positions, if the Left keeps bashing his supporters and keep self-owning themselves in epic fashion—yes, Trump will be re-elected. AND if the GOP is able to hold onto the House, then you can bet those chances increased ten-fold.

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That is absolutely true. If Democrats lose the midterms, it will be that much harder for them to win in 2020.


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