New York Times Stands By Reporter Accused Of Sexual Harassment – Female Employees Furious

The New York Times suspended Glenn Thrush several weeks ago over multiple allegations of sexual harassment. After an investigation, the paper decided to bring him back but with different responsibilities. Women who work at the Times are not happy about it.

The Huffington Post reports:

Women At The New York Times Feel Neglected, Frustrated As Paper Stands By Glenn Thrush

One week before announcing that star reporter Glenn Thrush would be getting a second chance at The New York Times after being suspended over sexual misconduct allegations, the paper released the results of an internal job-satisfaction survey.

While nearly all the employees surveyed said they’re proud to work at the Times, there were a couple of trouble spots. A glaring one: career development. Many staffers said they weren’t sure what they needed to do to continue to move upward at the Times.The paper’s editors copped to the problem at two all-hands meetings held the day before the Thrush announcement.

For women at the paper, the two developments bundled together sent a demoralizing message. “They announce this big failure in career development,” said a female reporter who declined to be named because she didn’t want to jeopardize her job, “and then the first thing they do is protect Glenn Thrush.”…

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“Every woman who works at the Times has to go to work tomorrow knowing that that’s the decision they made,” Kate Harding, who hosts the Feminasty podcast, tweeted Wednesday. “That’s whose career matters. That’s who they’ll go the extra mile for.”

Who can blame these women for being angry? And what a bunch of hypocrites the leaders at the Times must be!


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