NEWT GINGRICH: FBI Was Corrupted At The Top Under Obama (VIDEO)

Newt Gingrich recently appeared on the Sean Hannity show and addressed the ongoing drama of FBI connected Hillary Clinton scandals. He said that the vast majority of people who work at the FBI are good people, the top of the agency was corrupted under Obama.

Real Clear Politics has a transcript:

GINGRICH: I agree, it is very parallel to what they did yesterday about the health question. How can the Washington Post or the New York Times get up in the morning and look at themselves and not cover this?

There is something really, almost pathological, because week after week more and more things are coming out, it is not just hearsay, it is not just investigative reporting — an 11 count indictment. And frankly… I talked to some business people a while ago who wanted to know how all this would play out, and they clearly were just thinking of Trump.

I said I think the 11 count indictment of Uranium One probably doesn’t bode well for Hillary — they knew nothing about it. They were shocked that it occurred. And I think you’re beginning to see the pieces come together in what I think is going to be an unbelievably big scandal…

Clearly she is in trouble. I think the Foundation is in trouble, frankly, Comey is in trouble. 98% of the FBI are honorable hard-working serious people, but at the very top, they had a layer who really had been corrupted, and didn’t realize who corrupt they had become.

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Watch the video:

He makes a very good point!


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