Newt Gingrich On Adam Schiff: “This Guy, Literally, Is A Pathological Liar” (VIDEO)

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich appeared on the Laura Ingraham show this week and had some choice words for Congressman Adam Schiff.

Not only did Gingrich describe him correctly as a liar, he suggested that Schiff should be stripped of his committee assignments for being untrustworthy.

CNS News reports:

Gingrich: ‘Schiff, Personally, Is Obviously a Deranged Human Being;’ ‘Steele Dossier Is More Believable’

Democrat Impeachment Manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is a deranged, pathological liar who can’t be trusted to chair the House Intelligence Committee, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Thursday.

“Schiff, personally, is obviously a deranged human being” who can’t distinguish fact from fiction, Gingrich told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham:

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“Schiff, personally, is obviously a deranged human being. This is about Schiff. Schiff is a guy who’s a pathological liar. He seems to have no ability to distinguish between the truth and falsehood. He lied for two years and a half years about the Russian collusion – it all disintegrated. He looked like a fool, he learned nothing. He came back and lied, again and again.

“And, you’re right: here we are, at the end of this cycle, and he goes back and decides to lie again. I think that, somehow, have got to decide that Adam Schiff is a compulsive, uncontrollable liar – should be dealt with that way.”

Watch the video:

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Gingrich recently made a similar point on his podcast.

Listen below:

Gingrich is spot on here.

History will not be kind to Adam Schiff.


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