Newt Gingrich: Potential For Trump 2020 Landslide Growing By The Day

Nothing is set in stone, and Trump supporters must not take anything for granted, but 2020 is looking pretty good for Trump.

Not only are economic conditions positive, but the Democrats are offering nothing but a plate full of crazy.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is very optimistic about Trump’s chances.

He writes at FOX News:

Racism is the left’s only answer to Trump (and that won’t help Democrats in 2020)

As I watched the Democratic presidential candidate debates this week, something struck me that I believe will prove important in 2020: The candidates have nothing they can defend and nothing tangible to attack.

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The American economy is in great shape. Unemployment remains incredibly low – historically low for African-Americans and Latinos, in fact. And despite clear hurdles, Republicans have been taking proactive steps to fix the biggest problems in health care – consistently the No. 1 issue on the minds of Americans.

So the Democrats have been aggressively on offense and pulling from the radical left’s playbook. What they seem not to realize is that most of the American people aren’t with them…

I’m fairly certain that average Americans don’t consider themselves racists. They probably don’t think getting a raise makes them racist. They likely don’t think driving a gas-powered car makes them racist.

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They probably don’t think wanting to choose their own health insurance or doctor makes them racist. And I’m certain most don’t believe it’s racist to not go along with a zany genealogical reparations scheme.

The Democratic candidates are using this aggressive, radical language and name-calling because it fires up their base, and they’ve got nothing left to attack, except for occasional comments from President Trump that they distort.

Gingrich concludes his column by saying:

The potential for a Trump landslide in 2020 is growing by the day.

Gingrich is absolutely right.

He recently appeared on FOX News and noted how angry the Democrats seemed at the debate. He suggested that this is a very poor strategy.


That’s an excellent assessment.


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