Newt Gingrich Predicts Republican May Win Governor Race In Liberal California

To many conservatives in America, the state of California looks like a lost cause. Newt Gingrich sees a possibility for a turn around, however. He is predicting that John Cox, the Republican candidate, could win the race for governor there this fall.

He writes at FOX News:

California may elect a Republican governor — Incredible as that sounds

John Cox is doing something remarkable for a Republican. A recent survey indicates he is now within striking distance of being elected governor of the infamously liberal state in November.

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, Cox (who I greatly respect and have worked with for years) has been gaining support since January and is now the second-place pick for governor among likely California primary voters. This puts him right behind the leading Democrat and represents a great potential for Cox to win the governorship seven months from now.

The poll result is important because California’s primary system for congressional and statewide elections is unusual…

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California’s primary setup is a great system for silencing and drowning out political minorities, and it has likely been a big help to California Democrats since it was adopted in 2010. This is why Cox’s polling gains are so important.

In the Public Policy Institute of California survey, Cox earned 14 percent support against the five other primary candidates, as well as options for “someone else” and “don’t know.” This was up from 7 percent support in January. The top Democrat still has a significant lead on Cox, but nearly a quarter of likely voters in California remain undecided.

California definitely needs an intervention. Progressive leadership has dragged the state way too far to the left.

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Let’s hope Newt is right.


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