NEWT GINGRICH: Trump’s Mount Rushmore Speech Possibly The Most Important Of His Career

Few people in our political and media class are more knowledgeable of American history than former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Like millions of other Americans, Gingrich watched President Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore.

He was impressed with what he saw.

He writes at FOX News:

Why Trump’s Mount Rushmore address may have been his most important yet

President Donald Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore may be the most important and historic speech of his career. If he continues to echo and reinforce the message of this profound speech, he will become as essential to the preservation of freedom in America for the 21st century as President Abraham Lincoln was in the 19th century and President Ronald Reagan was in the 20th century.

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Not since Reagan has a president laid out the core values that make America free – and stood defiantly in defense of those values despite the ridicule and hostility of the elites, news media, academics and his political opponents.

President Reagan was focused on defending freedom from foreign threats – the Soviet Union and international communism. Reagan had a conversation in the late1940s over drinks with a Screen Actors Guild member who proclaimed himself a Stalinist. The actor said if the Stalinists won, Reagan would be imprisoned or shot.

After this experience, the future president decided the Communist threat was real. He dedicated his life to defending freedom and defeating communism. Some four decades later, the Soviet Union disappeared. Over the course of this battle, Reagan’s speeches came back to the theme of freedom again and again.

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President Trump has clearly had a similar epiphany. His Mount Rushmore speech was the clearest statement against a domestic threat to American freedom ever given by a modern national leader.

Gingrich made a similar point on Twitter:

It was an amazing speech.

It certainly galvanized his supporters and probably created quite a few new ones.


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