Newt: “Hillary Was Mean, Nasty, Personal” – Trump Set A Standard Of Decency (VIDEO)



Newt is right!

Hillary was nasty. Trump was decent.

On Hannity’s show, Speaker Newt Gingrich laid out the contrast. Hillary was “mean, nasty, personal” and Trump showed restraint. Not only that, Trump “set a standard of being decent.”

Newt said:

“After what she had said about him just then, and knowing his temper, he must have been very tempted. And it took a lot of self-control. and it was 100 percent the right thing.”

Hannity responded:

“I was talking to Don Jr. about this. I don’t think I would have shown that restraint. I don’t think I could have done that.”


Hillary went nasty – Trump was decent!

Trump held back. Hillary let the insults and name-calling fly.

No question who has the right temperament to be President.


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