Nine Year Old Boy At Anti-Trump Protest: SCREW OUR PRESIDENT! (VIDEO)

This happened last night at the protest outside the “Deploraball” where leftists were causing all kinds of problems. FOX News located a nine year old boy who claimed to have started one of the fires.

The first question which must be asked here is: Where are his parents? He’s a nine year old boy, out at night, attending a violent protest, wearing no coat in January.

Who are these parents of the year?

Here’s a transcript of the video via Legal Insurrection:

FOX NEWS REPORTER GRIFF JENKINS: We’re outside the National Press Club. You can see the police presence. There are signs thanking President Obama. Obviously, tt’s mostly peaceful now. A fire broke out just behind us. There is a fire over here. We’ll show you where that was. The ashes now just sort of starting to simmer right in the middle of this. Excuse me one second. This fire was started. In fact, this young man, you are participating in the fire. What’s your name?

BOY: My name’s Carter and I actually kind of started this fire.

JENKINS: So why did you start that fire, Carter?

BOY: Uh, it’s Carter.

JENKINS: Sorry. Why did you start that fire?

BOY: Because I felt like it and because I’m just saying, screw our president.

Watch the video:

Ironically, Obama was still the president when this kid made those remarks.

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