NOT RUNNING: Hillary Clinton And Two Other Expected Candidates Say They’re Not In The Race For 2020

People have been speculating for months about whether or not Hillary Clinton would run for president again in 2020. She has finally made the announcement that she is not running.

The Hill reports:

Hillary Clinton is out, but she won’t be invisible

Hillary Clinton is officially out as a 2020 presidential candidate. But that doesn’t mean she’ll be invisible in the Democratic primary and the general election.

Sources close to Clinton say the 2016 Democratic nominee will seek to be an active presence in the race by fundraising, working to unify a splintered party and even making an endorsement when the time is right.

“The trajectory is to do what she did in 2018 and more,” said one longtime Clinton friend, adding that she is still figuring out the best ways to be helpful.

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“I think that she is in a position to help the party come together, and depending on how things play out, that is something that she can do sooner than when she secured the nomination in 2016,” the friend added. “If Democratic voters and activists start to coalesce around someone early, she can play an important role in bringing candidates together around that individual.”

Former attorney general Eric Holder was also thinking about running. Now he’s out, too.

NBC News reports:

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Former Attorney General Eric Holder says he’s not running for president

Former Attorney General Eric Holder won’t join the growing list of Democrats running for president in 2020, he announced in a Washington Post op-ed on Monday.

He wrote they he will instead focus on his redistricting reform efforts through the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

“For too long, Democrats have lost sight of the state and local races that shape the day-to-day lives of the people we serve,” Holder wrote. “With state legislatures set to begin drawing new voting districts in 2021, what happens in those races over the next two years will shape the next decade of our politics. Our fight to end gerrymandering is about electing leaders who actually work for the interests of the people they are supposed to represent.

“I will do everything I can to ensure that the next Democratic president is not hobbled by a House of Representatives pulled to the extremes by members from gerrymandered districts,” he continued.

Finally, former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg has bowed out.

Townhall reports:

Former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg Will Not Be Running for President in 2020

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced in a Bloomberg opinion piece Tuesday that he will not be running for president in 2020.

“So as I’ve thought about a possible presidential campaign, the choice before me has become clear,” he wrote. “Should I devote the next two years to talking about my ideas and record, knowing that I might never win the Democratic nomination? Or should I spend the next two years doubling down on the work that I am already leading and funding, and that I know can produce real and beneficial results for the country, right now?”

“I’ve come to realize that I’m less interested in talking than doing,” he said. “And I have concluded that, for now, the best way for me to help our country is by rolling up my sleeves and continuing to get work done.”

The field keeps shrinking. Maybe the Democrats won’t have over 20 candidates, as many have suggested.


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