NY Times Writers Who Tried To Smear Brett Kavanaugh Now Blaming FOX News For Their Mistakes

Is there anything that the left won’t blame on FOX News? Apparently not.

Even the writers of the most recent smear piece about Brett Kavanaugh are blaming FOX News, now that their story has backfired so badly.

Townhall reports:

Pathetic: NYT Writers Who Tried To Destroy Kavanaugh Blame Fox News For Their Screw Ups

It’s pathetic. That’s the only word that can be used to describe the fallout from The New York Times’botched Brett Kavanaugh story. To recap, the Times’ Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly decided to write a book attacking Kavanaugh, trying to reveal that all the allegations lobbed at the sitting Supreme Court justice were true.

Not the case. In fact, it’s pretty much a worthless book, but they did supposedly have some bombshell about a new accuser who alleged that Kavanaugh shoved his private parts in front of her, like Deborah Ramirez alleged, during a college party at Yale. Ramirez’s story was part of the Democrat-media complex’s coordinated political hit against Kavanaugh during his confirmation process.

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Yet, there is a problem. This supposed new accuser doesn’t remember this ever happening. So, it’s a nothing burger.

See the tweets below:

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It’s just so ridiculous.


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