NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Forced To Apologize After Quoting Che Guevara In Miami (VIDEO)

Bill de Blasio is not very smart.

After surprising some people with a somewhat decent performance in the first Democrat debate, he immediately pulled a horrible gaffe.

He quoted communist revolutionary Che Guevara in Miami, where there are people who have family members who were murdered by Guevara.

The Miami Herald reported:

In Miami, de Blasio said four words in Spanish. Slight problem: They were Che’s words

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio became the latest presidential candidate to flash a little español this week when, during a political rally Thursday, he pulled out a Spanish phrase he thought might motivate workers striking at Miami International Airport.

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But instead of endearing himself to South Florida’s Hispanic diaspora, an apparently unwitting de Blasio uttered a revolutionary rallying cry deeply associated with Fidel Castro’s Communist revolution and a man viewed by hundreds of thousands of Cuban exiles as a sociopath and mass murderer.

In a gaffe that forced him to apologize hours later, de Blasio quoted notorious Argentine revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara as he spoke Thursday in Terminal D to contract workers protesting poor pay and unsafe conditions. The big-city mayor apparently thought he was saying something akin to the United Farm Workers’ co-opted Si se puede! and instead dropped Che’s most famous quote — instantly enraging Florida Democrats and illustrating concerns that some of the Democratic Party’s biggest figures remain ignorant to the intricacies of Miami politics.

“This is the problem that we run into all the time,” Annette Taddeo, a Colombian-American state senator who spoke at the rally before de Blasio, said of the nuances of campaigning in South Florida. “The left has [some] people that are just clueless as hell.”

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Here’s the video:

He tried to play dumb when he apologized and claimed he didn’t know the quote was attributed to Guevara. But that doesn’t hold up.

The New York Post reports:

De Blasio faces new questions in Che Guevara controversy

Mayor Bill de Blasio faced a fresh round of questioning Friday about co-opting a Communist rallying cry made famous by Che Guevara – and offered up the same lame excuse.

“You can ask 1,000 times and I will give you the same answer: I had no idea it was associated with any one individual,” de Blasio said during an unrelated news conference at Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital.

“If I had known it was associated, I wouldn’t have used it. Period.”…

John Gutierrez, a professor of Latin American Studies at CUNY’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said he slogan de Blasio used was one of Guevara’s “most widely known and recognizable.”

“It strains credulity that a man as familiar with the history of revolutionary politics in Latin America as Bill de Blasio is wouldn’t know the origin of the phrase,” Gutierrez said.

This is going to have a drag on his candidacy.

Not that he had much of a chance anyway.


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