NYC Mayor Eric Adams Announces Plans To Hospitalize The Mentally Ill – Involuntarily If Needed

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has just announced that the city is going to start hospitalizing mentally ill people, even if they refuse.

This is a response to the crime wave in the city that has seen mentally ill people repeatedly attacking citizens, in some cases pushing them in front of oncoming trains.

This is a smart policy, although many on the left will object.

CBS News reports:

Mayor Eric Adams says New York City will treat mentally ill, even if they refuse

In a dramatic attempt to deal with a public mental health crisis that has eluded mayors for decades, Eric Adams has directed police and emergency medical workers to involuntarily hospitalize more mentally ill people, taking them off the streets and subways to get them the psychiatric help they need.

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The mayor, who first began dealing with the city’s homeless crisis by taking down homeless encampments, said Tuesday he has a “moral obligation” to get people with mental illness the help they may not have the capacity to know they need, CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported.

Civil rights advocates are upset, but the mayor was passionately insistent he is doing the right thing.

“I know some people may look at what we’re doing saying that we’re trying to do something to take away the right of people. No, we’re not. The right is that people should be able to live in dignity,” Adams said.

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With passion and a sense of moral outrage, Adams announced a controversial plan to remove people with severe mental illness from the streets and subways whether they agree to it or not. He said it is wrong to see people talking to themselves, delusional and doing nothing until they carry out a dangerous act.

Some people on the left are already freaking out about this.

This needs to happen, whether the left likes it or not.

Crime in the city is out of control, and much of it has to do with people who are not in their right mind.


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