Obama Campaign Guru David Axelrod Slams Biden On Afghanistan: ‘This Has Been A Disaster’ (VIDEO)

Obama’s former campaign guru David Axelrod now works for CNN as a political analyst.

Even he is calling Biden’s handling of the exit from Afghanistan a disaster. This is a man who used to work with Biden at the White House.

If he is saying this, how do Democrats think they’re going to spin their way out of this?

The Washington Examiner reports:

Former US officials say Biden team needs ‘shake-up’ following Afghanistan debacle

Former White House officials are faulting President Joe Biden’s closest advisers for the chaotic drawdown of American troops in Afghanistan, charging it is up to them to deliver tough messages the commander in chief may be reluctant to hear.

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“Biden has got to shake up his national security team,” said Brett Bruen, a former U.S. diplomat and Obama White House official, conceding that while responsibility ultimately lies with Biden, his most senior advisers should be accountable for how the administration executed its strategy. Biden’s exit from Afghanistan, Bruen said, was an “unmitigated disaster.”…

Biden has criticized the Afghanistan mission for more than 10 years, arguing against committing more troops to the country while he was vice president. On the campaign trail, Biden maintained the U.S. troop presence failed to serve American interests. But once he took office, weeks ticked by before the president announced his decision to leave. This decision came in April, one month before a May 1 deadline brokered by former President Donald Trump with Taliban leaders.

“No one can defend the execution here. It’s a disaster,” said David Axelrod, a top adviser to Obama in the White House, on CNN. “It’s a failure, and [Biden] needs to own that failure.”

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Watch the video:

Here’s the bad news for Biden and Democrats.

This situation is going to get only worse in the coming days and weeks.

They’ve created a long-term crisis.


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