Obama Defense Sec. Slams Biden Over Afghanistan Withdrawal, Says Trump Was Right On China (VIDEO)

Obama’s defense secretary Robert Gates famously said that Joe Biden has been consistently wrong on foreign policy for years.

During a recent interview, he slammed Joe Biden over the Afghanistan withdrawal saying it made him feel sick.

He also said that Trump was right on China.

Red State reports:

Obama’s Former Defense Secretary Slams Biden on Foreign Policy, Praises Trump on China

China’s been making some very bold moves as of late and there’s little doubt that it has to do with President Joe Biden’s milquetoast position when it comes to dealing with the communist nation. It’s a take that former Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates thinks Biden is getting very wrong, and something that Trump got very right…

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Gates said that when it came to Afghanistan, Biden’s withdrawal was a mistake and that it’s unlikely Biden will ever admit this, as no president ever really admits to their mistakes. Regardless, he thinks Biden can recover from the Afghanistan debacle through the submarine deal between America, the UK, and Australia, which will make it clear to China that the west is a clear and present danger should China decide to go on the offensive in the pacific.

Gates believes that China is the greatest threat to the United States both economically and militarily, and believes that it was Trump that got it right when it came to dealing with the Chinese:

I think this is a place where President Trump got it right.

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See the clips below:

Biden has been a foreign policy disaster as president. Gates was right all along.


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