Obama Says He’s Being Forced Out of the White House (VIDEO)

Obama forced out

Obama gave a recent interview which focused largely on his golf game but during the course of the conversation he claimed he wasn’t quitting the presidency but being forced out.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Obama: I’m Being ‘Forced Out’ of the White House

President Obama quipped he was being “forced out” of the White House during an interview that aired Sunday on the Golf Channel after it was suggested that he would soon be “quitting” his job.

Obama recently wrapped up his 300th round of golf as president and described the strengths and weaknesses of his game to David Feherty, a former professional.

“I’m not a hack, but I’m not quitting my day job,” Obama said.

“Actually, you are quitting your day job fairly shortly,” Feherty said, smiling.

“Well, I may get good,” Obama said. “I’m being forced out. I didn’t quit.”

Watch the video:

Obama certainly would be forced out if he tried to stay.


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