ObamaCare Still Inflating Premiums As Much As 380 Percent! WHERE IS CONGRESS?

ObamaCare has been a disaster for consumers. It’s forced people to buy services they don’t need.

But worst of all, ObamCare has increased premiums. And it’s still doing it!

Here are two letters with changing rates in California for 2017:

That’s over 380% higher!

Here’s another one:

And it’s not just isolated incidents.

Look at this curve and click thru to the study for more data:

So why aren’t Republicans in Congress acting? Why aren’t they repealing and replacing??

Are they leaving it up to Trump?

Matt Drudge has had enough:

He’s right!

Maybe Establishment Republicans don’t really want to change ObamaCare. They’re not doing anything to repeal and replace it.

How long will this last?

Good thing there’s Trump!

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