Obama’s Justice Department is Pursuing CRIMINAL CHARGES Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio (VIDEO)


The Department of Justice gave Hillary Clinton a pass for putting America’s national security at risk but Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is being prosecuted even though he has tried to protect America’s southern border.

We’re truly living under the most corrupt administration in American history.

From Legal Insurrection:

Obama DOJ Pursuing Criminal Charges Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio

On the day before early voting began in Arizona, Obama’s Department of Justice decided to pursue charges against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a widely known opponent of illegal immigration.

This is nothing short of stunning.

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The Associated Press reports, via NBC News:

Feds to Pursue Contempt Charges Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Prosecutors said Tuesday they will charge Sheriff Joe Arpaio with criminal contempt-of-court for defying a judge’s orders to end his signature immigration patrols in Arizona, exposing the 84-year-old lawman to the possibility of jail time and clouding his political future as he seeks a seventh term.

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The announcement in federal court sets in motion criminal proceedings against the sheriff less than a month before Election Day and comes as he has taken on a prominent role on the national political stage in 2016, appearing alongside Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on several occasions.

Arpaio has acknowledged violating the order to stop the immigration patrols but insists his disobedience wasn’t intentional.

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow previously recommended criminal contempt charges against Arpaio but left it up to federal prosecutors to actually bring the case.

Here’s a video report:

This is nothing more than a politically motivated witch hunt.

The Obama administration doesn’t like Sheriff Joe or what he represents so they’re going after him legally.

Yet Hillary got a pass.

That seems fair, huh?


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